The Weekend Summit is about using the Weekend to Build the Life you Want, Instead of Trying to Escape the Life You Have.

Best of all, the Summit is not another task-list. It’s a clarity practice.  It’s about taking the time to reflect, set intentions and cultivate more clarity and peace in your life.  

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Don’t worry…this won’t keep you from your weekend relaxation and fun, it only takes 15- 60 min. 

I promise you this: Within three weeks, you’ll notice a difference. 

If you’re willing to try this on… it  will be a game-changer! 


  • Clarity Practice
  • Reflect
  • Set Intentions
  • Cultivate peace in your life 


The reason many of us struggle in our businesses is because of our incessant perfectionist judgy voices. The best way to shut them up is to just agree from the start that you’re going to do this badly – and then jump right in.

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