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I’m Jill Phillips...

The founder and Visionary of Strategic Soulutions, a coaching company that works closely with entrepreneurs, creatives, business leaders, and high performers committed to the journey of personal and professional mastery.

Strategic Soulutions is a holistic and integrated approach to achieve authentic empowerment and success. It's about accessing your multi-dimensional human spirit (soul-utions) to pave a strategy in harmony and alignment towards your goals and dreams.

Here you will find personal and professional coaching and development that includes:

  • 1:1 Coaching
  • Leadership Team Coaching
  • Speaking, Training, and Facilitation
  • Mastermind Groups

Life, Leadership & Executive Coaching


With Jill as your life & business coach, you will build a clear picture of exactly where you are in all areas 

personal and professional – 




STOP having life happen to you.



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What Clients are Saying:



Yielding results in my company and personal life, too.

"Since starting coaching with Jill I have a completely different outlook and approach in my business. It’s been a light year's difference in how I approach decisions, communication, and engagement with my employees. With newfound self-awareness, I see where I tend to get stuck and have new tools to navigate challenges. What has been most powerful is getting all of my thoughts out of my head while having Jill capture and feedback or ask clarifying questions in a simplified way that makes sense. Jill has a gift that intuitively guides a fluid process that empowered me to navigate my emotions, thoughts, ideas in a proactive vs reactive way. Coaching has been a game changer for me and is yielding results in my company and personal life, too."


I grew light years over just one quarter working with Jill

"Jill managed to provide me with realizations about myself and practical steps on how to overcome each limiting thought that created my imposter syndrome. I gained more value than I expected and grew light years over just one quarter working with Jill. The outcome has manifested in my business, my home life, and most importantly, the relationship with myself."


Helped me funnel my thoughts and feelings so clearly

"Jill did not give me any opinionated solutions but rather, she painted a mind map to help me funnel my thoughts and feelings so clearly that I'll know how to reroute in the future based on what I want in my life. I've learned the power of voicing my thoughts and feelings to someone who is professionally trained and have them mirrored back, reframed and explained."


Jill unravelled the mental knot that kept me stuck!

"Before coaching, I had absorbed numerous self-help books and podcasts, so I wasn't quite sure what would be different. Jill knew exactly what to ask. Her gentle presence gave me a safe space for my thoughts to surface in a way I didn't fear judgement and was able to explore my truth. It was like she could pick the tip of a string and gently unravel the mental knot that kept me stuck."


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