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If you are looking for a Coach to work virtually, Jill can help you reach new heights of success and connection.
Jill’s coaching programs are designed to be conducted either in person or online. 
We’re living in a new era where  people are working remotely, teams are dispersed, and individuals and businesses are continually looking for ways to work without sacrificing human connection. 
Connection matters. When you can engage on a deeply human level, have the tough conversations that need to be had, recognize and uplift your own value and the value in others, you create trust, cultivate cooperation, and open new pathways for individual and corporate success. Best of all, you can achieve that connection in a virtual environment. 
The amazing thing about today’s technology is that it empowers us to connect across so many divides, one of them being physical distance. It’s time to fully embrace the tools and resources available to us in the virtual world, so that nothing can hold us back from bringing the best of ourselves forward.
  • One-on-one sessions will ideally be held over a video by Zoom, Teams, Skype or FT. Phone calls may also be used when video isn’t an option, but video is preferred as it allows for enhanced communication on a nonverbal energetic level. Video empowers a stronger connection between coach and client in building trust.
  • For online group coaching, your coach will notify the group and work with you to determine the ideal tool for connecting. The tool(s) will depend on factors such as the size of the group, style of coaching, objective of the workshop/session, etc.
  • Additionally, a great deal of coaching work happens between sessions. This is when coachees work on their “homework”, ask themselves tough questions and begin implementing new tools and strategies. Because of this, I make myself available (with noted guidelines) in between sessions via email, or through quick phone calls or instant messaging chats.
What does it cost? ’m not sure if I can afford it.
Transformation is hard work--a big investment of time and money. The timing must be right, and you must be fully ready. You cannot put a price tag on your well-being and long-term success.  Often people waste time and money by not getting to the root of the matter.  Coaching has been known to deliver ROI in numerous ways. 
Jill has several options to choose from and will work with you to find your best fit. Financing available and occasional scholarship funds offered.
What if I am unsure about coaching or if it isn’t working for me?
Whether it’s executive, life, leadership, team, or any other kind of coaching, the coach-coachee relationship is a powerful one that works best when there is trust and realness. Of course it’s normal at the beginning to struggle with opening up. Vulnerability is hard!  Ask yourself “Is it really my coach or is my coach touching on something I am not ready to look at?” Your coach is there to co-create with you, they cannot adjust to what you need if you don’t let them know what is working and not working. This is why being upfront and honest about how you are feeling is so important. Honesty brings things into focus and helps you see if it’s something you can work with, or simply is not the right fit.