Manifestation: A Process To Amplify Results

Jun 22, 2022

“Our creative power is the ability to convert the energy of our thoughts into a newly materialized form. Manifestation is the result.” 

The term “manifesting” sometimes gets a bad rap
as being something mystical or woo-woo that isn’t grounded in reality. It’s often confused with wishing and hoping and it’s more than just positive thinking.  When understood and practiced, it is arguably one of the most powerful tools and strategies successful people apply to their life and business.  

Wishing and manifesting are on opposite ends of the spectrum.  Wishing amplifies what you don’t want because it brings attention to the lack of what you have. For example, if you say, “I wish I had more money”, then you are focused on the lack of money you have now.

While there’s nothing wrong with wishing, hoping or “woo'', it implies that something outside of you is responsible for your results. 


Manifestation is about accessing and amplifying the power within you.  


It is important to locate that power within you because you are responsible for your life.  When you change your thoughts, you change your actions which results in changing your life.

 The Manifestation Process prepares your mind, body and spirit to take aligned action and will help remove self doubt, resistance, feeling overwhelmed and retrain your mind to get what you want.


Here’s a 5 step self-help exercise to Manifest:


 1. WRITE: 

Give yourself permission to dream, ask for what you want and WRITE IT DOWN every day, whether it’s something new or the same thing. You are the only one who dreams your dreams- know it and own it.  Don’t allow the limits of where you are to interfere with where you want to go.  This exercise will signal your brain to gravitate towards what you want.  

*NOTE: Make sure what you want is in alignment with your values or it may create unnecessary turbulence on your psyche. 



Vision boards are great, but can leave you discouraged because you are focused on the end goal. Manifesting isn’t about the end goal, but about the bridge you take to get there.  And you can be sure to encounter obstacles along the way. Prepare for them. Decide who you want to be and how you will respond under pressure.

Visualizing yourself taking action is perhaps the most important thing you can do and lowers the resistance so you can take inspired aligned action…which is why it works and has become a leading strategy for CEO’s and professional athletes.  


 3. FEEL:

Feeling magnifies the imagery in your mind and is the medium through which ideas are conveyed to the subconscious mind. To 'feel it’ means to feel in your visualization that your desire has already been fulfilled. Ask yourself: How would I feel if I already had what I desire right now? While this step does tap into the end goal, visualize yourself feeling happy-alive-aligned while crossing the bridge to get there. 



Gratitude is an inner state of being thankful for having what you already have and for what is yet to come.  Avoid the manifestation trap of feeling guilty for what you ask for which is usually fear trying to hold you backAppreciating what you have while being grateful and eager for more is the secret sauce for manifesting. 


5. ACT:  

Taking aligned action is your next step. In order to have what you want you must stop with the excuses, stop looking at the end game, put your head down and take the next step in front of you.  Action is what will create the results that will get you what you want.  

You can wish you were in great shape and write it down every day.  You can visualize and feel your healthy vibrant body. You can even be eager and grateful for this new body.  But unless you take action, the pounds will not magically fall away. Incorporating ACTION supersizes your manifesting power.  The same is true about manifesting a prosperous business, being a best selling author, or having a beach home.


It’s important to be flexible, trust the process and have faith.

When the certainty of success is continually saturated into your consciousness and into your mind, your mind becomes a powerful tool in manifesting your best life and business.  


About Jill:
Jill is the creative founder of Strategic Soulutions and Jill Phillips Coaching. She is a Professional Life & Business Coach, teacher, facilitator and co-author of a best-selling book for entrepreneurs. 

Jill's signature coaching curates a blend of transformational and positive psychology with ancient wisdom and practical tools to activate consistent and sustainable results. 

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