Love and Leadership

Feb 13, 2023

Two of the most important emotions to understand and leverage as leaders is fear and love. Coupling the word “love” with leadership can feel awkward, like it’s in woo-woo territory with connotations of group hugs and singing Kumbaya. But when you get to the real meaning, love is central to our human nature and at the core of effective leadership.

Leading with your heart, balanced by logic and reason, is a long-term strategy that produces trust, commitment, and engagement.  

Love, which is strongly correlated with gratitude, is the highest vibration. It is the most powerful, energetic state of being that can pull you out of the darkest of times and places. The frequency of love resonates at the core of everything; connecting our heart, our spiritual nature and Divine harmony. In this state, there is gratitude, creation, joy, and unity. 

Love is an essential emotion empowered leaders learn to cultivate in their everyday lives regardless of outside circumstances. It takes practice, but when you build this habit, it will return in countless measures. Simply put, when you attune yourself to love, you will find it everywhere. 

95% of songs are about love. A sing along song I learned as a child is called Love is like a Magic Penny”.  Yes, it’s pretty cheesy, but the message teaches the energy of love and money. 

Here’s the best piece of advice I have received. It’s simple, but not easy: 
“Just Love.”

If you want to raise your energy and attune to love right now, grab a piece of paper and start a rampage of appreciation for everything you love and are grateful for! Love is a choice. Love over fear.

Love and lead,




About Jill:
Jill is the creative founder of Strategic Soulutions and Jill Phillips Coaching. She is a Professional Life & Business Coach, teacher, facilitator and co-author of a best-selling book for entrepreneurs. 

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