change Nov 01, 2022


I am in awe of the lessons nature brings to us if we take the time to observe and listen. 

 The season is visibly changing. Pumpkins, mums, hay bales are everywhere. The trees are changing colors and dropping their leaves. It’s a beautiful thing.

The main reason trees drop their leaves is to conserve energy to prepare for winter. Rather than expend energy, trees shed leaves to conserve resources.

Metaphorically, when it comes to personal change, it’s important to ask “What needs to fall away in order to conserve my energy so in due time, new things have room to spring forward?” (tip: this would be a great journal exercise)

The change is not to add on, but to subtract and let things go. If you want to fly, you’ve got to give up the things, thoughts, habits, projects, people that are weighing you down.


If it’s a pain or a drain, it’s time to let it go.

What if you let go of old worries, stories and thinking patterns that continue to spin you into a negative vortex leaving you drained?

What if you let go of that employee or customer that doesn’t fit your core values/culture and is chipping away at the very thing you are trying to create?

What if you let go of that habit or relationship that keeps you from being the best version of yourself?

What if it isn’t something negative, but it keeps you from staying focused on your most important goal at hand. What can you subtract to stay focused and achieve more?

GRATITUDE IS KEY : The tree doesn’t shame, judge, hate, or dwell on the fallen leaves.

The tree says to the leaf:  “Thank you for helping me.  I got energy from you, you got water from me. But it’s time to let go so we can grow.”

Change is not easy. In fact, it’s one of the greatest human challenges. We meet change with resistance, judgment and create more pain than necessary. 

The quickest way to change is through awareness and taking personal responsibility for the life you have and creating space for the life you want. With consistent effort, you can make anything happen. Especially if you make room for new things by letting the old things not serving you go.


Happy Fall Y’all!
Wishing you authentic fulfillment and success,

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